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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
CCP Security Team

EVE is under constant attack from non-players that hack accounts and liquidate game assets. The CCP Security Analysts explained their role in saving players from doom.  In this episode, we take a look at the fascinating work life of CCP Grimmi and CCP Peligro, as they investigate account hacking, RMT, and botting. CCP Guard of the Community Team reports that CCP will be more open about efforts in the future.  Near the end of the show, we discovered just how dark gambling addiction affects some players.

On the show:

  • Matterall [Host]
  • Carneros [Developers]
  • Dirk MacGirk [ ]
  • Noizygamer [Security]


  • CCP Guard (Community Team and songwriter for ‘Perma-Band’)
  • CCP Peligro (Security Analyst)
  • CCP Grimmi (Security Analyst and songwriter for ‘Perma-Band’)

Show Notes:


  • Security Team General
  • History of Team Security
  • What does the security team do?
    • Who is on Team Security? What is the relationship with GM’s and others for investigations & bans?
    • Include Internal Affairs?
    • Stopping spoilers from data mining on Singularity – part of the job?
  • Account Hacking
    • Nature of Security on the Internet
    • Botting or Account Hacking, which is worse?
    • What is credential stuffing? (Carneros/Noizy)
    • How to protect yourself
      • 2FA – Two Factor Authentication
      • Use variety of passwords
    • How many people use 2FA. (1%)
    • How many accounts were hacked last year (30,000)
  • RMT (Real Money Trading)
    • How does RMT damage the game? Connects to real-world crime.
    • How to undercut the RMT profit motive
    • Negative wallet balances, are they really an effective punitive measures
    • Crazy stuff CCP has seen?
    • PLEX versus RMT’d ISK
  • Botting
    • What is botting – Why is it bad for a game?
    • Botting compared to other game tools, like wormhole mapping tools
    • Market-bots?
    • Ban-Wave 1,800 accounts (dev blog)
    • Nullsec and renter-space has botters
    • What can players do to help? (reporting and rewards)
      • Does the “report botter” button actually work?
      • Mass reporting as a disruptive tactic (not possible, no automated punishment)
      • What if Alliance leaders discourage reporting each other? (ignore leaders)
      • half the botters are caught by reporting
    • RMTers get banned on first offense, “players” get a warning
    • What triggered the latest Ban-wave
    • CCP jail for RMTers and botters
      • Character transfer lock and Skillpoint extraction lock
    • Security takes care of Botting, RMT bans – GM’s take care of behavior bans
    • Bot-Shaming
    • 2009 Unholy Rage Ban-Wave – impact
  • Misc / Casinos
    • Who made the decision to Ban gambling and why?
    • How bad was the gambling for the game? (one user blew $30,000)
    • Will small corp-scale lotteries make a comeback?
    • IWANTISK – “black hole of rotating ISK”
    • Laser Segmenting – New type of player, “The Gambler”
    • Banned gambling for liability reasons
    • Sports gambling on Alliance Tournament



  • Thanks to Producer – Maccloud
  • Thank You Subscribers and Supporters
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Used in the show / further reading:

Soundtrack: Instrumental – But Not Tonight (Depeche Mode)

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 by Vapor in February 27, 2018

Hi, love your show, feedback survey completed. I just wanted to say I wasn't expecting to enjoy the CSM episode or this Security one but they're utterly fabulous. CSM encouraged me to re-subscribe after being away since Aug 2003 (yes that's not a typo) and this Security show encouraged me to join the 1% and switch on 2FA. Thanks again Vapor

 by David Matterall in February 27, 2018

Wow, welcome back!

 by Vapor in February 27, 2018

Thanks. Managed to recover my old account ;)

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