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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Guardians Gala, Mass Citadel Destruction, T0rfifrans Departure

Killah Bee (NC.) and Tuzy (GSF) join the TIS crew to talk about Pandemic Horde’s move to Geminate and Triumverate’s withdrawal from Insmother. Structures 2.0 leads to the mass destruction of citadels in wormhole-space, while players from all security sectors try the Guardian’s Gala event. Find out who CCP T0rfifrans was and why he left CCP after 19 years. Finally, TIS introduces their official website.

On the show:

  • Matterall [Host]
  • Carneros [Developers]
  • Keskora [Wormholes]
  • Ashterothi [Faction War]


  • Killah Bee (Fleet Commander for NC.)
  • Tuzy (GSF Director of GSOL – Logistics wing of The Imperium)

Show Notes:

North / West

  • Horde move to Geminate [link]
  • 9-4 keep ref’d by Initiative in subcaps on Thursday – cancelling unanchoring timer
  • Blades of Grass Kicked from GotG [link]
    • Looses caps and titan moving east

South / East

  • Triumvirate lose space – Insmother
    • Tri vow to wolfpack DRF space
  • Provi raided by NC/PL
    • ProviBloc Loses 8 Citadels on Saturday to Hostiles
    • Imperium – botting thing?
    • Very active week for wormholes
    • Structures dying all over with changes
    • Big groups having big cap fights [link]


  • Citadels exploding everywhere (Demolition Day)
  • New group onlining Keepstar in a Wormhole.

Empire Space

  • Guardians Gala
  • Citadel changes – how are they doing
    • Default vuln set pre-patch by CCP to Saturday at 18:00 eve, thus all unfueled, abandoned citadels which got RF’d last week after the patch had their final timers come out yesterday. Zkill had tons of citadel killmails for a few hours.
    • Lots of fitting changes – previous fits no longer work
    • T2 modules now
    • Standup Fighters (t1 and t2)
    • CPU & Grid was reduced so some old fits no longer work.
  • Quant – Quite the jump in reinforced Structures after the patch
  • Many highsec citadels hit, (Demolition Day)
  • Saturday after 18:00 300 Citadels died to being Low Powered


  • Botting (Mittani) Reddit on high-horse
    • Manic Velocity fake mittani interview [link]
  • Security: Different times – Different ways [link]


  • New TiS Website! (
  • Torfi Leaving CCP for Microsoft (Minecraft)
  • Dubai bank fell for real life double your money Scam. [link]
  • NCdot alliance member wins Silver @ Pyeonchang Olympics [link]


Soundtrack: Instrumental – But Not Tonight (Depeche Mode)

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