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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Hokonen Battle Zone, ISK and Currencies, "Empires of Eve Online" Book

TMC’ s EVE News Chief Matterall sits down to talk EVE Online news, politics, and opinions with EVE Online Players: Dirk Magirk, Dreydan Torvirr, Lockefox, Ashterothi

Matterall is back after ending EN24 podcast last fall. The new EVE ONLINE podcast is created for new players and veterans alike, covering news, analysis, mechanics and history for the game.

Quick Review of Week

  • (last week)
  • (this week)
  1. Load Station Environment (option gone)
  2. Bypassing Loading Cpt Quarters (memory muscles, moved undock)
  3. Mac and Linux
  4. Falcon – Don’t Drain sold characters?¬†Selling extracted characters?

EVE Meta-Analysis

  1. Hakonen Battlezone
  2. Imp vs NC/PL (Tidi fest)
  3. Co2 titans down (no more watchlist)

Mechanics Section – Currencies

  1. ISK
  3. Meta-currencies (time, reputation)

History – Empires of EVE Book

  1. How talking about EVE has changed

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