Author: David Matterall



Character Created: 2012/03/02 Corp/Alliance: Birdsquad/Snuffed Out Country: United States Twitter: @Mawderator Website: In Mawderation Eve-Who: Link zKillboard: Link Media Appearances Interview with The Mind Clash Podcast Candidate Self Description


TIS-CSM13-Solar Taranogas

Character Created: 2011/07/24 Corp/Alliance: Korrupted Gaming/The Watchmen. Country: Canada Eve-Who: Link zKillboard: Link Candidate Self Description 1) Enough with the nerfing already! CCP’s over-reliance on “balancing” is an admission that they can’t create their way out of a problem. It is an unsatisfying experience for a player and is counter-intuitive. You don’t see Harley Davidson changing their bikes because they are too “Boss” and unfair to the competition! 2)Why isn’t AFK an OK style to play? Players already police that and if AFK isking generates too much isk… I dunno, maybe create something desirable in game that a player might want to spend that...


TIS-CSM13-Damian Blackie

Character Created: 2017/05/07 Corp/Alliance: Back To Black Division/Fraternity. Country: United Kingdom Eve-Who: Link zKillboard: Link Candidate Self Description No entry supplied. Campaign Post Why you should vote for me.? I come as part of EVE online as a big picture and how the full EVE universe should balance out and have a good and bad in all aspects, from public communities that have never been really listened to, a small alliance in hisec, low sec, null or wormhole space. Sure some dream of being master spies and hunt big targets and overthrow governments, some dream of being bounty hunters and some dream of being a...



Character Created: 2008/08/05 Corp/Alliance: Kenshin./DARKNESS. Country: Chile Eve-Who: Link zKillboard: Link Candidate Self Description  Campaign Post Hello, my name is Afropty im a candidate for CSM XIII. Eve online is an incredible game. I would like to improve the game for non-English speaking players, same as last year. I have come to realize that there are many others like me who don’t speak English as primarily, which is cool because we have a diversity of people. Together we can help improve the EVE online experience. Propose: *** Changes in the logistics involvement** Have you ever ask this question? dude where is my contract?...


TIS-CSM13-Malakai Asamov

Character Created: 2009/08/21 Corp/Alliance: Van Diemen’s Demise/Northern Coalition. Country: Australia Eve-Who: Link zKillboard: Link Candidate Self Description


TIS-CSM13-Cwittofur Cesaille

Character Created: 2011/11/06 Corp/Alliance: The Hivemindholding/Not imbalance yet Eve-Who: Link zKillboard: Link Candidate Self Description I like long walks on the beach, Asteroid Hugging, Ship killing, Reaction Making, API Coder Campaign Post I can’t believe I’m doing this… so here we go! Let me formally introduce myself, I’m Cwittofur Cesaille (pronounced Quit Toe Fur). Many of you probably do not know me, I tend to be fairly quiet and stay within a small bubble. With that being said I have had the fortune to experience many aspects of the game, a game that I truly love to play. First a little background on...


TIS-CSM13-Brisc Rubal

Character Created: 2006/07/09 Corp/Alliance: STK Scientific/The Initiative. Country: United States Website: Eve-Who: Link zKillboard: Link Candidate Self Description Brisc Rubal has had a storied history across the universe, including here in New Eden. He’s done just about everything one man can do, and then some. Brisc has been popping up all across the known galaxy, and even in a few far, far away. He was a famed leader of the Galactic Empire, before betraying the Emperor and joining the Rebellion, serving alongside a ragtag band of rebels who made their home on a server called Bloodfin. He piloted his beloved F-57A Sabre to the...


TIS-CSM13-Kalen Tsero

Character Created: 2013/05/10 Corp/Alliance: WeebFleet/Tsundere Triad Country: United States Reddit: Kalen_Tsero Twitter: @kalen_tsero Eve-Who: Link zKillboard: Link Candidate Self Description Have lived in lowsec most of my EVE career. Went from EUNI’s lowsec campus to WAFFLES eventually leading me to start my own alliance Tsundere Triad. Currently live in Aridia while being deployed to The Bleak Lands to fight the Matari slaves. Previously, only had knowledge about basic plex mechanics, now I have since been helping to reclaim the holy lands from Amarr’s old 3 systems to what we have now. Working with many others in unifying the militia. Campaign Post Hello friends, it is...


TiS 05/20/18 – Battle of C-LTXS

The news roundup was interrupted by the battle of C-LTXS one hour into the show.  We switched to live coverage of the massive fight. Before that switch, we covered a lot of ground, including the fresh news that Sort Dragon’s Avatar had been picked off. The trap was set by Kun’mi (aka Odell) from Goonswarm. He talked us through what happened.  Apothne, Jin’taan and Killah Bee discussed Providence and the DRF situation but expanded on the larger themes of alliances and their struggles.



Character Created: 2010/05/27 Corp/Alliance: KarmaFleet/Goonswarm Federation Country: United States Twitter: @Xenuria Eve-Who: Link zKillboard: Link Candidate Self Description Save a spot on your ballot for me. I demonstrated my commitment and values during my previous term much to the disappointment of certain groups. I want to be re-elected and I am not naive about how unlikely that is without null support. Just because unaffiliated voters grossly outnumber all of null doesn’t mean they all vote or even that they will vote in their best interests. The truth is I may have a very low chance of success but that hasn’t...