The Talking in Stations Show - Conversations about EVE Online


TIS-CSM13-Creecher Virpio

Creecher Virpio Character Created: 2013/08/30 Corp/Alliance: Alcoholocaust./Test Alliance Please Ignore Country: United States Twitter: @CreecherVirpio Eve-Who: Link zKillboard: Link


TIS-CSM13-Cacique Yuhasz

Cacique Yuhasz Character Created: 2007/11/05 Corp/Alliance: Spartan Vanguard/Test Alliance Please Ignore Country: Cuba Eve-Who: Link zKillboard: Link   (English is not Cacique’s primary language, Spanish is.) Yes I know what you want to say I know in the same way too first of all, try to help all new players to set status and help with the tutorial locate trusted corporations and alliances the ones with a long and good reputation cause many corps seek using players to they own benefits and not let them know or have fun in the game that is not just a long and extense killing The game is...


TIS-CSM13-Commander Aze

Commander Aze Character Created: 2006/12/04 Corp/Alliance: Sub–Zero/The Bastion Country: United States Twitter: @CommanderAze Eve-Who: Link zKillboard: Link Candidate Self Description Three Goals. 1. Focus on the little things 2. Consider the Health of the game when pushing priorities 3. Increase Communication between CSM and CCP and the greater community. Why these three things Little things Eve needs a new Crucible. We can all agree on the little things, changing at least temporarily from large changes to continually fixing smaller issues. We saw some seriously good improvements in the March release and we need to build off this focus to develop a more positive gaming experience....


TiS 05/13/18 – Fight for Providence Stations

This “Mothers Day” show focuses on the dueling campaigns over the fate of Providence and the 74 stations contained in the region. Elise coins the name “Asher Boys,” Progodlegend calls Fraternity’s new leader a Trumpian, and Harvey Skywarker (the self-proclaimed “murderer”) tells us all about “Lumio en Tilavine.”  We also meet real-life politician Brisc Rubal who’s commercial for CSM went viral. Mawderator talks ships and CSM too, and we meet a rising star in the FC world, Goonswarm’s WhisperQuetly who found himself commanding 150 pilots after only 6 months in EVE.  Apothne steps in for Matterall as host.


TiS 05/6/18 –  CCP Seagull

We talk with Andie “Seagull” Nordgren, Exec Producer of EVE Online weeks before her departure from EVE. Over the last four years, Seagull has provided EVE with vision and the development pathway. She explains “Design for Participation” principals to how living in Iceland has affected her. Andie will be missed.  Also, we ask Asher Elias to review the events in Deklein, Pure Blind, Fade regions.


TiS 04/29/18 –  Into the Abyss Expansion Preview

We take a closer look at Into the Abyss expansion that will arrive on May 29th. Elise Randalph returns to discuss recent events in sovereign space and the surrounding areas. Ashterothi and Bardghost Isu take us into the Abyssal space gameplay where they describe the real world experience.  Are they fast and fun? We’ll find out. Faction War makes an appearance as Caldari gain momentum against the Gallente. On the show: Matterall Ashterothi (Fed Up, Gallente faction war, broadcaster, EVE analyst) Carneros (Bastion) Guests: Elise Randalph (Pandemic Legion) Bardghost Isu (Bastion) Show Notes: News CCP Seagull Departure from EVE Online...


TiS 04/21/18 –  News and Fanfest Review

It has been a week of heavy development in and around EVE Online.  Alliances in the north are faltering under attacks from the Goonswarm from the south. In the east, pressure on Drone Region Federation pushed them to retreat to just two regions Insmother and Cache. Opner Dresden from Mercenary Coalition fills us in on recent events. We catch up to Elise Randalph after his wonderful presentation on the history and lineage of Fleet Commanders in EVE. NoizyGamer talks about being backstage at Fanfest.


TiS 04/15/18 – ProBank and the Economic Age

Multi-Trillionaire Probag Bear sells his T3 assembly factories to raise 600 billion ISK, which he will use to open ProBank, a lending and Futures bank. In a separate segment, we talk to Aryth, head of Finance for the Imperium Empire talks about their 8 phase plan to conquer EVE and how to their economic plan is working out. A fascinating look into the age of economic power in EVE.


TiS 04/08/18 – Signal Cartel

Signal Cartel was founded in January 2015 and is a neutral, peaceful exploration corp with a public service mindset and a culture driven by a very specific Credo. G8keeper and Johnny Splunk created EvE-Scout to provide public access points to Thera and later formed Signal Cartel for scanning for Thera wormholes.  Mynxee was asked to be the CEO. The group was expected to be 25 members but has grown to over 600. Here is a brief with more details.


TiS 04/01/18 – City-State Sanctuaries

The New Eden Trading Company effort is over, and the structures have been given away to new owners – Fafer and Max Singularity. They (along with me) will form a league of City-State Sanctuaries (Freeported Keepstars). We also check in with Vily of TEST Alliance on their recent victories in war, and we end with a closer look at theory crafting with Pando, from Initiative.