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Talking In Stations is a talk show about EVE Online, a virtual world video game that is played by tens of thousands of players from around the world.

EVE online is a sci-fi computer game played around the clock by people all over the world. It is home to one of the most complex player-run economies in multiplayer games. Politics, governance, trade, economics, and war have created a 14-year continuum of epic narratives – all created by players themselves.

The Crew

The panel of Talking in Stations is comprised of long-standing EVE Online players from all parts of space.


Matterall – Host

Matterall is the creator of Talking In Stations. Serving as the news chief for the largest EVE news sites, Matterall distinguished himself as a top voice in EVE news and analysis. He’s presented lectures on war and subterfuge for CCP at the EVE Vegas conference of 2017 and 2015, and written over 150 articles, including “The Brave Story,” “Inside the IWI-SMA War,” and “The Razor’s Edge.” Matterall has played EVE Online for over a decade and is in the Destructive Influence Corp of Northern Coalition Alliance.

ApothneApothne – Fleets / Tournaments

Apothne is a proud member of Sniggerdly and an experienced roaming FC. He is a Guest FC and Lecturer for EVE University and anyone who invites him to ramble on their comms for a few hours. He is currently one of the most active and experienced player commentators for EVE Tournaments, including hosting and casting AT XII-XV and all #EVE_NT leagues, as well as the Amarr Championships on stage at Fanfest 2016. He is a regular on TiS and also a contributing writer for Crossing Zebras.

AshterothiAshterothi – EVE Fiction / Faction Warfare

Ashterothi is a long time EVE Podcast and blogging veteran. Whether functioning as “EVE Lore Czar”, Commander of Federation Uprising or as the “Living EVE Encyclopedia” Ash has spent the last several years helping players put EVE into context. He is currently a host of High Drag Podcast and a writer for Crossing Zebras on top of being a host for Talking in Stations. He is the commander of FEDUP Alliance

Caleb Ayrania – Economy / Finance

Bitter vet creator of SCC-Lounge channel and longtime market trader can be found reminiscing about ye olde days in darkened corners of stations CEO and Founder of eve-guardian.com, and MoB in many shady projects past and present. Notably co-founder of the ancient stepstone project and ancient days industrialist. Rumors say that Caleb precedes the current era, and may even go back to before the EVE Gate, but such stories are most likely for children’s bedtime and hold little credence.

CarnerosCarneros – Developer; Null Sec

When not leading The Bastion alliance, Carneros is a game dev on an unannounced game for Daybreak Games. He has worked on Meridian 59, EverQuest, EverQuest II, Age of Conan, Dragon’s Prophet, EVE Online, and many more over 24 years. At CCP Games, he was known as CCP Zinfandel and, as you may guess, he is a wine drinker.

Dirk MacGirk – Community; Null Sec

EVE Online player since the glory days of 2008. Focused on Nullsec, big and small, for most of those years. Ratter, miner, retired builder and reformed collector of BPOs. A typical F1 monkey just hanging with the bros in player-controlled space, currently as a member of xX-Crusader-Xx in Tactical Narcotics Team. Highly averse to wormholes because he’s a big scaredy cat. Two time participant in the Alliance Tournament, but generally horrible at PVP. EVE “media” pundit, host of Open Comms and panelist on Talking in Stations.

KeskoraKeskora Yaari – Web Designer; Wormholes

From the very beginning of her EVE career,  Keskora jumped into wormhole space and never looked back. Now the CEO of POS Party with the Ember Sands alliance, she does what she can to spread the Word of Bob to all of New Eden, both in and out of j-space. Keskora has spoken about wormholes at EVE Vegas in both 2016 and 2017 and intends to do so again in 2018. She has four dogs who will occasionally make themselves known on TiS.

MacCloudMacCloud – Producer

MacCloud is the shows Technical Producer, in charge of assembling the visuals and making sure the quality of the show is as high as possible. He has a degree in Audio Production and currently branching out into visual media. MacCloud is also a 10 year veteran of EVE Online, being part of Alliances on both sides of the in-game political sphere; A content producer for INN and has built and moderated player communities in other games. He had previously won EVE for about a year but was tempted back by The Initiative.

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