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Lumio vs “Big Boss PL” in Tenal

Lumio en Tilavine weighs his odds on taking Tenal away from Pandemic Legion. Lumio was made famous by relentlessly resisting the overwhelming force of PL during their invasion of Providence. “YOU DIDNT HEARD THE LAST” of Lumio! Was one of his mantras.


TIS Battle Of 9-4RP2 (INN Full Coverage – Part 1 of 5)

Live coverage of the Battle of 9-4RP2. Fight between Northern Forces and Imperium. Part 1 of 5 Recorded on Twitch/ImperiumNews, 1/23/2018, 11 hours total run time. Dirk McGirk (Host – Open Comms show), Matterall (Host – Talking In Stations), LifeShifterX (Head of INN Streaming), Drunk Canadian- 00:24:30, Podrick-00:24:30, Grath Telkin- 00:26:15, ProGodLegend-00:47:00, Harvey (Former culture CEO)- 00:51:00, Kcolor- 01:00:20, Salene-01:14:15, Thel Ancora- 01:49:00, Thanks to Dirk Strauns for bookmarking the episode

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