Brisc’s Agony and Katia’s Ecstasy

Brisc Rubal gets kicked from CSM and banned from the game, along with Pando and Darkshines, two strat op FC’s from The Initiative. The agony. We explore what happened and the long term repercussions. We also celebrate the ecstasy of seeing your mark made on New Eden as Katia’s massive Statue/Monument is put up in the game commemorating her remarkable 9-year voyage. Matterall Destructive Influence Corporation [Northern Coalition] Carneros Ancient Hittite Corporation Corporation [The Bastion] Elise Randolph Habitual Euthanasia Corporation [Pandemic Legion] Dirk Macgirk Open Comms Show Katia Sae Signal Cartel [EvE-Scout Enclave] Sarin Blackfist KarmaFleet [Goonsward Federation] Brisc Rubal’s … Continue reading Brisc’s Agony and Katia’s Ecstasy